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ArcGIS for Server: Site Configuration & Administration


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Designed for administrators, this course teaches how to successfully install, configure, and manage an ArcGIS for Server system that enables GIS content sharing across the enterprise or on the web. You will learn the ArcGIS for Server architecture and apply recommended workflows to configure ArcGIS Server sites and manage GIS services, applications, data, and users. Techniques and best practices to ensure system performance and security are emphasised.

For ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2, 10.3

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3 Days
Who is this course for?
System Administrators
Web Administrators
Successfully install ArcGIS for Server and create an ArcGIS Server site.
Configure the Web Adaptor component to integrate your ArcGIS server with a web server.
Publish services that have the capabilities required for your applications.
Plan, create, and update a cache for high performing map and image services.
Tune and monitor services to ensure high performance.
Implement security for your site and services.

Completion of ArcGIS 4 – ArcGIS for Server: Sharing Content on the Web or equivalent knowledge.

The course will provide you with the knowledge to:

ArcGIS Server Installation: Introduce ArcGIS Server; Installation workflows and ArcGIS Server licensing.

Web Services: Types of GIS services; Access these services using REST and SOAP endpoints.

ArcGIS Server Site: Configuration; Multi-node deployments; Server directories and Configuration stores.

Controlling Access to ArcGIS Server, Server Sites and services:
Create and manage users and roles.

Integrating a Web Server: Installing and configuring the Web Adapter.

Managing Resources: Identifying resources; Referenced resources; Updating resources.

Service Capabilities: Identify capabilities; Enable and Disable; Web Editing.

Tuning: Service Properties; ArcGIS Server Logs.

Caches: Create, manage and update; Update Automation.

ArcGIS Server Platforms:
On-premise deployments; Cloud deployments.

“Easily one of the best courses I’ve attended – great content, and very useful” – Tony, Ordnance Survey Ireland

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