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Creating Maps with ArcGIS


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Design and share beautiful map products

Learn fundamental cartographic design principles and a standard workflow to produce print and online maps tailored to their purpose, medium, and intended audience. This course teaches ArcGIS Pro techniques to create and share a variety of professional-quality information products including print maps, web maps, and charts.

Please note:This course is based on Esri Inc’s Creating Maps and Visualizations with ArcGIS. Please do not attend if you have attended this course previously.

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2 Days
Who is this course for?
GIS Analysts
Map Designers
GIS Users
Prepare data for a mapping project.
Design map elements that are appropriate for your data, audience, map purpose, and delivery medium.
Apply 2D cartographic best practices to create and share print maps and web maps.
Evaluate when and why to create different types of charts using table data.

Completion of Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Newcomers or Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals or equivalent working knowledge.

Esri will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Pro 2.x
  • ArcGIS Online

Introduction to designing maps, Why create maps? Audience and purpose, ArcGIS information products, Design considerations, The cartographic workflow Cartographic workflow:Planning

Data for Information Products
Cartographic workflow: Data, Evaluating spatial data, Levels of measurement
Accuracy and precision, Sources of error, Scale and resolution, Coordinate systems
Generalization techniques

Symbolising Data, Cartographic workflow:Symbology, Components of color, Visual variables, Choosing visual variables, Designing symbols, Symbolising by attribute, Visualizing data ranges, Color schemes, Figure-ground organization
Reference and thematic maps

Working with map text, Cartographic workflow: Symbology – Text
Types of map text, Text placement, Using text to create visual hierarchy, Visual variables for text symbols, Type basics for cartography

Print map layouts Cartographic workflow: Layout and output,
Creating a pattern of reading, Map elements, Map description, Map scale, Map orientation, Visual balance and hierarchy in print maps

Design considerations for web maps Web maps, Web maps versus print maps, Audience and purpose,, Devices and software
Cartography and user experience, Predominance web maps

Publishing web maps for multiple devices Projections in web maps, Map scales and symbol sizes, Tile layers
Web map symbology, Configuring pop-ups

Visualising data using charts When to use charts, maps, or both, Why use charts?, Using charts in information products, Visualise data using charts, Types of charts

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