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ArcGIS 3 – Enhanced Skills for ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop


This course is the third of a 3 part foundation in ArcGIS Desktop (version 10.x). The ArcGIS 3 course expands on the subjects covered in the ArcGIS 1  Fundamentals of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop and ArcGIS 2 – Essentials of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop courses and introduces some more advanced functions. These include setting geodatabase behaviour rules, data adjustment, desktop and online analysis tools and using Modelbuilder. Temporal (time based) data and basic raster/image analysis are also covered.

You will be provided with the data and exercises so that after the course you can work through them again in your own time.

Please note that this course is for users of ArcMap. If you are using ArcGIS Pro please see our ArcGIS Pro courses.
Note: We strongly advise that you have attended both ArcGIS 1 – Fundamentals and ArcGIS 2 – Essentials before attending this course.


Continuing professional development (CPD) is an integral part of applying for and maintaining Chartered Geographer accreditation. Attendance of this course will provide the attendee with 10 CPD points. Click here to find out more


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Course Outline: ArcGIS 3 Enhanced Skills for ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop
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2 Days
Who is this course for?
GIS Analysts
GIS Technical Leads
Imagery Analysts
GIS Database Designers
Desktop Application Developers
Confidently manage your GIS data in a geodatabase.
Gain a better understanding of analysis techniques and tools.
Start exploring models and raster data.

We advise that you attend our ArcGIS 1 – Fundamentals of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop course and our ArcGIS 2 – Essentials of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop prior to this course or have an equivalent working knowledge.

Creating a style sheet; Introduction to representations

Spatial adjustment; Georeferencing an image

Geodatabase attribute behaviour; Sub types and domains; Relationship classes

Geodatabase spatial behaviour; Geodatabase topology; Networks; Map topology

Other data types; Dimensions; Terrains;

Create a toolbox; Sharing tools

Overlay analysis; Spatial patterns

Create an online map; Run online geoprocessing tools

What is Modelbuilder; Model types; Add data and tools; Parameters & variables; Running models; Model properties;

Labels; Model documentation

Temporal data; Making data time aware; The time slider

The image analysis window; Image Analysis display; Image analysis processing; Introduction to Spatial Analyst

(optional) What is Python?; What can you do with Python?; Introducing ArcPy

Where next?; Learning paths

“Exactly what I expected. Covered most of the ‘grey’ areas of my ArcGIS knowledge. Very useful information provided”
Izabela Kacprzyk – Ordnance Survey

“Very good coverage, well delivered – excellent training guide work book, very clear direction”
Joe Milton – Network Rail

“Awesome material – very happy with the course. Thank you”
Farah Meraj – Atkins

“The training materials are logically presented. It would be very easy to refer back to them in the future given the step by step nature and review questions. There is more than enough space to make any noted on the material”
Stephanie – MoD

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