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Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts using Python 10.x (ArcMap)

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By automating complex or time-consuming processes using scripts, you can increase efficiencies in GIS workflows and streamline data management. The ArcGIS geoprocessing framework includes a scripting environment, and Python® is the scripting language included with ArcGIS.

This course introduces the Python scripting syntax and shows how to use scripts to access and automate geoprocessing tasks. You will also work with ArcPy, an Esri-developed site package for Python that integrates Python scripts into ArcMap and ArcCatalog.

Your instructor will show you how you can take advantage of these features with particular emphasis on demonstrating the new features which are then consolidated using “hands-on” exercises.

Course Outline: Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts using Python 10.x (ArcMap)

Please note that this course uses ArcMap. If you are using ArcGIS Pro please see our ArcGIS Pro: Creating Python Scripts for ArcGIS course.

Note: It is highly recommended that delegates undertake our one day “Getting Started with the Python Scripting Language” course.
The Python Scripting language is not taught during this course but knowledge is required prior to attending.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an integral part of applying for and maintaining Chartered Geographer accreditation. Attendance of this course will provide the attendee with 15 CPD points. Click here to find out more. 

3 Days
Who is this course for?
GIS Analysts
GIS Technical Leads
GIS Desktop Application Developers
Write Python scripts using proper syntax.
Incorporate cursors, describe objects, and list objects into scripts to manage and update data.
Understand commonly used ArcPy classes and functions.
Access geoprocessing tools and specify environment settings in scripts.
Debug scripts and write code to handle errors.
Attach a script to a custom tool.
Use ArcPy classes and geometry objects to create and update features and perform geoprocessing operations.
Automate the production and exporting of a map series using the ArcPy mapping module.

Please note that the Python Scripting Language is NOT taught during this course but knowledge is required prior to attending.
It is highly recommended that delegates with no prior Python experience undertake our one day Getting Started with the Python Scripting Language course prior to attending this course.
Familiarity with ArcMap is also required.

Introducing ArcPy: ArcPy functions, classes, and modules; Accessing ArcPy in ArcMap; Accessing ArcPy in PythonWin; Creating the geoprocessor

Debugging scripts: Debugging workflow; Handling syntax errors

Using describe objects: Describe function; Describing a feature class; Describing and clipping a raster dataset

Automating scripts with Python lists: List functions; Iterating through lists

Creating and updating data with cursor objects: Cursor objects and functions; The row object; Accessing geometry object properties; Using the SearchCursor and UpdateCursor functions

Running scripts in ArcToolbox: Making scripts dynamic; Running scripts with arguments; Attaching a script to a custom tool

Handling Python and ArcPy exceptions: Using try…except; Using Exception as e; Using arcpy.ExecuteError; Using the traceback module

Creating and updating geometry objects: Working with a geometry list; Using geometry objects to populate a feature class; Using geometry objects in script tools and geoprocessing services

Manipulating data schema and working with subsets of data: Creating a FeatureLayer object; Using the FieldInfo object; Using field delimiters in a SQL query; Creating a subset of features; Performing analysis on FeatureLayer

Automating map production with the ArcPy mapping module: Grid index map series; Strip map index series; Creating a reference map book; Creating a map series book

“Very impressed with Ed and the content provided. At the start of the course I wanted to migrate work in Model Builder into Python scripts – not only do I feel that I can now achieve this, but I’ve also learnt how I can improve the process making it much more efficient”
Richard – National Trust

“What a fantastic course, full of really useful information (which I can see having a very positive impact on my day-to-day work). I thought the emphasis on writing one’s own scripts to be very useful as my learning style means I get so much more from doing tasks rather than just listening to/reading explanations”
Chantelle – English Heritage

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone thinking about using Python”
Ian Walker – Atkins Ltd

“The course was excellent and exactly what I was looking for to complement my current position in Exploration. We are currently developing a suite of in house tools of which many are being developed using Python for ArcGIS. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable course with an excellent and knowledgeable instructor”
Matthew Howe – Maersk Oil & Gas

“Overall, a very good course that cemented many aspects of Python and ArcPy for me. Looking forward to reducing many of my geoprocessing tasks to a single button click!”
Simon Kettle – Exprodat

“I really enjoyed the course and believe that it will enable me to work more efficiently once back in the office. The resources provided in terms of the book and the digital resources on the USB stick will be very useful in future”
Naomi Ang – Transport for London

“Really well rounded with plenty of time to complete tasks and re-visit those you feel you should”
Tim Ward – Atkins

“The course was very beneficial. I am fairly new to GIS but I do understand the programming side of things. I now have a better understanding of Python and GIS”
Robert Parris – North Ayrshire Council

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