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Get Started with ArcGIS Insights

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Discover Drag-and-Drop Data Discovery and Analytics.

This course prepares you to work with ArcGIS Insights to dynamically visualise and analyse data from multiple sources on maps, charts, tables, and more. You will learn how to define a workflow to investigate a spatial problem, interactively apply analysis tools, and share your insights across the enterprise.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an integral part of applying for and maintaining Chartered Geographer accreditation. Attendance of this course will provide the attendee with 5 CPD points. Click here to find out more. 

1 Day
Who is this course for?
GIS Analysts
GIS Technical Leads
GIS Managers
Connect to data sources and prepare data for analysis
Visualise, interact with, and analyse multiple datasets
Share analysis results and workflow models

Some familiarity with GIS concepts may be helpful. Completion of An Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Newcomers or equivalent knowledge is recommended but not required

Introduction to ArcGIS Insights. Insights for all analysts. ArcGIS Insights overview. Approaches to scientific inquiry. Data sources.

Adding and displaying data. Location field type. Enabling location. Table relationships. Styling data.

Exploring and visualising. Field types. Chart types. Using charts to answer questions. Selecting and filtering data.

Spatial analysis. Analysis capabilities.

Sharing your insights. What can you share. Sharing your work.