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An Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals


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Aimed at existing users of ArcMap, learn essential ArcGIS Pro terminology and get prepared to efficiently complete many different tasks related to mapping, editing, geoprocessing, and analysis. ArcGIS Pro, the newest application included with ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop (and above), is designed to help GIS professionals complete their projects and share their results more quickly and easily than ever before. With its modern ribbon interface and tight integration of 2D and 3D capabilities, ArcGIS Pro will streamline the way you do your GIS work.

Note: Please read the prerequisites for this course as this course is aimed at users who have significant experience of using ArcMap and are looking to move to ArcGIS Pro. You can find more details in the prerequisite section.

Note: After completing this course you may wish to attend ArcGIS Pro 2 – Essential Workflows for ArcGIS Pro. The Essential Workflow course builds upon the skills learnt during this course by introducing techniques such as image management and advanced editing.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an integral part of applying for and maintaining Chartered Geographer accreditation. Attendance of this course will provide the attendee with 10 CPD points. Click here to find out more. 

If you are booking ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals and ArcGIS Pro 2 – Essential Workflows at the same time, use this coupon to save 10% on ArcGIS Pro 2:  PRO1-2

Course Outline: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals
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2 Days
Who is this course for?
Data Editors
GIS Analysts
GIS Technical Leads
Map Designers
Define ArcGIS Pro terminology.
Navigate the ArcGIS Pro user interface.
Create an ArcGIS Pro project and assign tasks.
Import MXD files and work with both local and online data.
Edit 2D and 3D data.
Perform geoprocessing and analysis tasks.
Create 3D data and 3D scenes, and convert a 2D map to a 3D scene.
Create and share multiple layouts from a single map.
Use ArcGIS Pro as part of the broader ArcGIS platform.

The objective of our Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals course is to help existing users of ArcMap migrate to ArcGIS Pro. Please note that in order to get the most from the course (and the other delegates on the course) attendees must have a good understanding of the below in ArcMap. If you do not meet these requirements then we strongly recommend attending our Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for Newcomers course, this is the most important course that you can do as it gives you a good introduction to the most important functions of ArcGIS Pro and GIS concepts.

• Work with vector, raster and table data.
• Create a new file geodatabase and a new feature class.
• Find information about data.
• Use the different views of the table of contents (list, source, selection).
• Select features using interactive select, and select by attribute using SQL.
• Start an Edit session, Create a feature and add attributes.
• Symbolise your data using text values or numeric values, alongside labelling.
• Use Geoprocessing tools to manage data or perform spatial analysis.
• Create a layout page with map marginalia.

Getting started with ArcGIS Pro

Sharing maps, layers and processes

Editing Data

Displaying Data

Working with 3D Data

Performing Analysis

Creating Map layouts

“Excellent course, moved at a perfect speed and was extremely informative” Sarah Hollier – Renfrewshire Council

“How to replicate functionality in Pro. I use ArcMap extensively at work, but had heard that the workflow and layout of ArcPro was considerably different. I know feel that I can duplicate a significant level of my day job in Pro”
Alan Bragg – Scottish Government

“Course was pitched about right for most users in the room. Content of course invaluable. The Edinburgh Centre is a great facility and one that I enjoy coming to. Organisation, location, food and facilities are all great.” Martin Hill – BP

“Brilliant course and covers all major elements of Pro to gain a good understanding of the software.” Alina Piotrowska – Scottish Natural Heritage

Attendee details 1

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