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Working with the Operations Dashboard

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As part of your ArcGIS Online subscription you have access to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. This application helps you monitor activities and events, track your field workforce, and assess the status and performance of your daily operations.

This one day course will provide you with the skills to build an operations dashboard. In easy steps, create and share operation views that include maps, lists, charts and more, based on geographic data defined in a map or web service.

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1 Day
Who is this course for?
GIS Users
GIS Professionals
Understand how Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS can be used.
Create maps and data sources for use with Operations Dashboard.
Create and configure an operational view and widgets.
Build dashboards that integrate maps, lists and charts for real-time operational views.
Use interactive maps with dynamic data sources that update automatically as underlying information changes.
Share operational views to an ArcGIS Online organisation so that it is easily accessible to desktops and tablets.
Understand how Operations Dashboard can be extended by developing Add-ins.

Familiarity with ArcGIS Online.

Session 1
Overview of Operations Dashboard
An introduction to Operation Views

Session 2
Data sources
Types of data source
Author and share datasets for use with a web map
Create and configure a web map for use with Operations Dashboard

Session 3
Build operation views
Understand the interface
Explore and configure widgets
Filtering data

Session 4
Use dynamic data sources
Understand and configure dynamic data sources

Session 5
Share operational views
Look at the sharing options available
Ensure all referenced items are shared

Session 6
Extend Operations Dashboard
Describe what options are available for developing Add-ins
Understand how to deploy an ad

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