Personal Learning Passport
Gain streamlined access to our industry leading courses.

If you have a new team member or are looking to upskill in an area of the platform that is new to you our Personal Learning Passports are an ideal way of getting best value.

Gain streamlined access to our industry leading courses by purchasing a package of days on our scheduled courses at our public venues and achieve a significant saving from the standard pricing. Valid for one year from the date of purchase you can buy packages of four, five or six days – no need to choose your courses upfront giving you the flexibility you need.

Personal Learning Passport Price
4 days £1,650.00 / €1,905.00
5 days £1,940.00 / €2,245.00
6 days £2,240.00 / €2,595.00
Conditions apply
  1. Personal Learning Passports are tied to an individual within an organisation and cannot be shared. Should the employee leave the customers organisation we will permit the transfer of the passport to another individual but only once
  2. Personal Learning Passports are only valid for courses offered by Esri UK not Esri Ireland
  3. Personal Learning Passports can be used for courses at our public training venues or our virtual courses. They cannot be used for onsite courses or one2one engagements
  4. For clarity a 2 day course will use 2 days of your Personal Learning Passport entitlement
  5. Personal Learning Passports may not be used for training courses that are delivered on our behalf by a third party (for example, CityEngine training, which is provided by Garsdale Design)
  6. All values stated are subject to VAT

For full Terms & Conditions, refer to “Esri UK Learning Services Terms” found here

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