Instructor-led onsite training will enable GIS professionals to extend their knowledge and learning conveniently.

Onsite training enables you to run Esri UK training at your organisation’s location, for up to 12 employees, to attend any Esri UK standard or bespoke training course, without incurring additional costs for student travel, accommodation and expenses – convenient and cost effective training.

Esri UK will supply the instructor, training materials and our portable training solution which includes a dedicated training machine for every student that comes pre-loaded with the Esri software and training data to be used throughout the course.

Can be conducted at your own offices, therefore saving money on travel and expenses.
Minimise employees’ time away from their day-to-day roles and responsibilities.
A focused training experience – the instructor can provide course examples applicable to your industry and GIS solutions.
Use ‘real’ data from your organisation in exercises, without compromising security.
Informative class discussions – staff can discuss organisational workflows in confidence and ask questions that benefit the entire group.
A consistent training experience – you learn as a group, acquiring GIS skill sets and practicing recommended workflows together.