Bespoke Training

Esri UK & Ireland Learning Consultants are skilled in the development and delivery of ArcGIS courses, through bespoke onsite or one2one training courses. These courses are flexible and designed in consultation with the client to meet specific needs. Training is delivered at a level to suit the intended audience, is of a duration that allows the delegates to gain an understanding of the materials presented and to discuss issues specific to the delegates’ use of ArcGIS.

Bespoke training can be delivered on-site at your premises or virtually.

Learning Needs Analysis

Identifying who in the organisation needs education and training and what approach will be best suited to the staff concerned is a crucial component to a successful project and to maximise the value from the GIS investment. Esri UK & Ireland follows a methodical analysis of those people who require training in an organisation to support a new GIS installation. An Esri Learning Needs Analysis provides:

  • Documentation of the necessary skills to fulfil the roles and responsibilities for the organisation or project
  • Skills Gap Analysis for staff identified for the required roles
  • Evaluation of optimum education and training approach
  • Identification of suitable courses and/or design of other programmes
  • Analysis of Costs and Return on Investment

Certified Learning Services Consultants

The only certified Esri Learning Services Consultants in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Esri UK & Ireland Learning Consultants are an exceptional group of highly qualified and experienced individuals. Experts in their subject they are Esri Certified and receive regular training on the latest updates of our products, so you can have total confidence in their ability to deliver the most up to date GIS skills and knowledge. All have excellent approaches to training delivery and many are TAP accredited (the industry standard for IT Training delivery). They are the only Learning Services Consultants who have direct access to the unique expertise of Esri UK & Ireland staff from Professional Services and Technical Support – who are in turn backed-up by Esri Inc.

  • Esri ArcGIS Accredited Learning Services Consultants in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Esri UK is a TAP® (Training Application Performance) Partner
  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner
  • CPD accreditation through our association with the AGI (Association for Geographic Information)
  • Professional Learning Services Consultants who meet the TAP standard and are MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) and CompTIA CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer) certified and are members of the Institute of IT Trainers (IITT)

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