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ArcGIS 2 – Essentials of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop


This course is the second of a two part foundation in ArcGIS Desktop (version 10.x). The ArcGIS 2 course expands on the subjects covered in the ArcGIS 1 – Fundamentals of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop course and introduces new functions. These include managing data in a geodatabase, enhanced symbology and labelling options and the use of analysis tools. The creation of map books and publishing a map to ArcGIS Online are also covered.

You will be provided with the data and exercises so that after the course you can work through them again in your own time.

Please note that ArcMap has now entered Mature Support and will be retired in March 2026. You should consider moving to ArcGIS Pro if possible. We will be removing ArcMap courses from our curriculum in July 2024.

Please note that this course is for users of ArcMap. If you are using ArcGIS Pro please see our ArcGIS Pro courses.
NOTE: ArcGIS 1 or equivalent knowledge is a pre-requisite for attending this course. ArcGIS 1 is the most important course that you can do as it gives you a good introduction to the most important functions of ArcGIS Desktop. In order for you (and the other delegates on this course) to get the most from this training it will be assumed that you have the level of knowledge shown below. If you cannot do these tasks then you must attend the ArcGIS 1 course first:

  • Use the different views of the table of contents (list, source, selection).
  • Select features using select by rectangle and select by attribute.
  • Display your data using text values and numeric values.
  • Create a new file geodatabase and a new feature class.
  • Start an edit session and use the Create Features window to create a simple feature.
  • Create an A3 landscape layout page with surround information.
  • Create an online map using

Continuing professional development (CPD) is an integral part of applying for and maintaining Chartered Geographer accreditation. Attendance of this course will provide the attendee with 10 CPD points. Click here to find out more

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Course Outline: ArcGIS 2 Essentials of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop
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2 Days
Who is this course for?
New Users
Data Editors
GIS Database Designers
GIS Managers
Confidently produce data and maps with higher levels of presentation and quality.
Manipulate and analyse your data using standard analysis tools.
Output results as map books or online content.

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27th June 2024 – 28th June 2024

  • Managing data: The file geodatabase, data management in ArcCatalog, ArcCatalog tabs and options, metadata, search, create feature classes and feature datasets, import and export data, managing raster data, raster datasets, raster catalogs, raster attributes.
  • Symbology: Display symbols by text values, display symbols by numeric values, numeric value options, symbology tools and tips, table of contents labels, label toolbar and label manager, label classes, label expressions and selections.
  • Editing: Manage an edit session, editing templates, snapping, editing tools and context menus, trace.
  • Annotation: Geodatabase annotation, edit annotation, map annotation.
  • Geoprocessing: Types of analysis, spatial joins, geoprocessing menu, environments, search.
  • Layouts: Data driven pages (map books).
  • Online or local data: Create online map and add local data, open web map in desktop.
  • Publishing: Publishing a map, layer and map packages.
  • What comes next?

We advise that you attend our ArcGIS 1 – Fundamentals of ArcGIS 10.x for Desktop course or have an equivalent working knowledge.

“This was the level of content that I needed – thank you. The bits of revision were useful and it was great to build on what I already do/GIS1 course.”
Rachel Sanderson – Chilterns Conservation Board

“I was impressed with the tasks at the end of each session (and giving us the data on memory stick). I am confident I will be able to follow the instructions if I forget anything.”
Craig Ferguson – Haringey Council

“An enjoyable course – with a lot of different areas covered which should reinforce the basic training, giving me a good grounding for future GIS usage.”
Andy Booth – LMC International

“An excellent course. Very well presented with very good exercises.”
Youssouf Thiaw – University of Manchester

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