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Sweet Builder – An Introduction

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Sweet is an Esri UK web application that allows you to build workflow applications. Built using your business rules, Sweet ensures that data at the point of creation and on every edit is accurate and always ready for analysis.

1 Day
Who is this course for?
GIS Analysts
GIS Technical Leads
GIS Professionals
GIS Desktop Application Developers
Application Developers
Design Sweet applications with optimised data schemas.
Understand and apply topological rules.
Use Arcade to define feedback and attribute calculation.

An Introduction to your ArcGIS Online Subscription or Creating Web Applications using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS or equivalent knowledge

Navigation of the Sweet Builder
How to design Sweet solutions

Topology Rules
Understand the topology rules available and how to configure them

Introduction to Arcade
Learn the basics of Arcade syntax and structure for use in Sweet

Attribute Calculation
Define behaviours, display rules and set up automatic attribute calculation

Map Feedback
Use layers which your organisation has, generate on the fly layers and use 3rd party living atlas layers to show dynamic feedback on the map

Configure dynamic charts to display metrics

Installation and Deployment on premise (optional)
On premise installation
Command line tools
Export and Import