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Get Started with ArcGIS Dashboards


Enable at-a-glance insight.

This course is for anyone who wants to present a lot of data simply and effectively using visually engaging dashboards. Learn how to display multiple data visualisations on a single screen that supports dynamic data exploration, real-time operations monitoring, and informed decision-making. The course covers dashboard types, design considerations, layout options, and techniques to organise and focus dashboard elements to meet the specific information needs of your audience.

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1 Day
Who is this course for?
GIS Users
Add data from multiple sources to a dashboard.
Configure dashboard elements, including maps, charts, indicators, and lists.
Manage data display and maximise the visual impact of your dashboards.

Familiarity with ArcGIS Online will be helpful. For those new to ArcGIS Online, completing the ArcGIS Online Basics web course is recommended but not required.

Using ArcGIS Dashboards to display data. Using a dashboard to display data; Benefits of a dashboard; Types of dashboards; Identify a dashboard’s message; Using dashboards in an organisation

Designing in ArcGIS Dashboards. ArcGIS Dashboards design questions; ArcGIS Dashboards elements; Design considerations for ArcGIS Dashboards elements; ArcGIS Dashboards layout options; Configuring dashboard elements based on design; Arcade expression language

Configuring dashboard elements.Identify data sources for a dashboard; Using web map layers to display information; Layer capabilities; Applying dashboard data filters; Using a data series

Configuring an interactive dashboard Interactive dashboards; Identify interactive capabilities of ArcGIS Dashboards; Configuring an interactive element

Esri will provide the following software to use during class:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Dashboards