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ArcGIS Pro 2 – Essential Workflows for ArcGIS Pro


Extend your foundational GIS knowledge, get comfortable with the ArcGIS Pro application, and explore some of the most common GIS workflows. This course introduces techniques and general best practices to map, manage, analyze, and share data and other GIS resources. Hands-on exercises will give you the experience needed to efficiently work with ArcGIS Pro.


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2 Days
Who is this course for?
Data Editors
GIS Database Designers
GIS Professionals
GIS Users
GIS Technical Leads
Map Designers
Maintain and enhance a geodatabase.
Creating relationships within your data.
Store and process imagery.
Understand how text is managed.
Investigate advanced symbology options.
Perform and manage selections.
Present the results of your analysis effectively.

This course is aimed at those who have prior ArcGIS Pro experience who have attended EITHER of the following courses:

The following software will be supplied at Esri UK training venues: An internet connection, An ArcGIS Online subscription and named user account, ArcGIS Pro 2.0 Standard license.

Working with spatial reference: Shape of the earth; Datums; Setting vertical datums; Two types of coordinate systems; Add a layer to a map; Examine the coordinate system of a layer; Enable the geographic transformation warning; Apply a geographic transformation; Map projections; Distortion and spatial properties; Game of distortions; UTM and national coordinate systems.

Managing Imagery in ArcGIS Pro: The Image data model; The Mosaic Dataset; Image functions & function chain; Managing and enhancing the Mosaic Dataset.

Relating tabular data: Associating tables; Cardinality; Joins; Relates; Creating a relate; Types of spatial join; Introducing geodatabase relationships.

Create features from tabular data: Ways to create points from tabular data; Adding x,y event data; Convert event data into the geodatabase; Geocoding addresses; Geocoding steps; Address locators; Consume online locator in ArcGIS Online.

Working with Selections: The List by Selection tab; Selecting features interactively; Selecting features based upon spatial location or by attributes; Relational and logical operators.

Advanced symbology techniques: Styles; Graphs and Charts; (Reports?); Infographics; Display Filters; Symbolise by Quantities; Symbolise by Density; Symbolise by attributes.

Adding text to the map: Label classes; Explore attributes; Create label classes; Set scale dependencies on label classes; Geodatabase annotation feature classes; Standard or feature-linked annotation; Feature-linked annotation; Convert labels to annotation.

Performing Advanced Editing: Editing in ArcGIS Pro; An over view of the Edit tab; Working with topology editing tools and validation; 3D editing; Modify annotations; Create new annotations.

Advanced Layouts: Layout templates; Grids and Graticules; Reshaping your layout; Creating a Map Series.

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