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Crime Analysis Solution for ArcGIS Pro

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The Crime Analysis solution is organised into a single tab within an ArcGIS Pro Ribbon. It bundles together current ArcGIS Pro tools with tools which are Crime Analysis specific. The solution is an add-in for ArcGIS Pro and is free to customers who are current on their ArcGIS maintenance.


1 Day
Who is this course for?
GIS Analysts
Crime Analysts
Police force personnel
Fire Service & Public Safety personnel
To work through the tools in the Crime Analyst Ribbon.
Using data management.
Tactical and strategic analysis.
Investigative analysis.
Create and share information.

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1 Day

Completion of ArcGIS Pro for Newcomers Course or equivalent working knowledge

Introduction Know how to use ArcGIS Pro at your desk?

Data Discovery: Set up the Extension, Set up folder connections to map data

Selections: Use the Tools to Extract, Select, Identify and Filter

Geo Enhancement: XY table to point, Geocode Addresses, Enhance Attributes

Product Creation: Provide data as a product