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Python: The Next Step

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Python is an integral part of the ArcGIS Platform – it is used for automating geoprocessing tasks, managing your services within ArcGIS for Server as well as managing huge parts of the online portal. This virtual course will provide you with some advanced programming techniques while suggesting best practices within your Python scripts which will aid the running and management of your Python scripts.

Note: It is envisaged that those attending will know how to write Python scripts or will have attended the Esri UK “Introduction to Geoprocessing Scripts using Python 10.x” course.

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Modularising your code
Creating functions, passing mandatory and optional arguments, creating floating help, using the reload() builtin function.

Securing your scripts
Understanding the “top-level” module; module security, use of the main() function.

Working with Python Classes
Understanding of what classes are, when to use them, working with methods and attributes

Querying Databases
How to make a database connection, querying the database and learning how to process the results.

Employing logging within your scripts
Learn how to create log files within your scripts using the logging module; how to implement logging within Python exceptions.

Creating simple user interfaces in Python
Examining what user interface options which available for use within your scripts.

Distribution using Python packages
Learning how to package up your Python scripts and distribute them to your customers